Have You Donated Kibble Today?

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Boobaholics Anonymous

Today Maisie entered a 12 step program ~ her addiction, booby juice! What can I say, the girl likes her boobs, okay the girl likes my boobs! This was a non-issue with the boy ~ he weaned himself at 8 1/2 months ~ no work required on my part. The girl however hasn't been so quick to give them up ~ although I have managed to cut her down to one serving a day at breakfast. She's not even 14 months yet, so it's not like she is walking up and asking for the boob, or walking up, lifting up my shirt, unhooking my bra, and helping herself ~ she's still a baby, but the time has come and I think even she is starting to realize it. A couple of weeks ago when the bubonic plague swept through here I thought I was going to get out of her breakfast for that day ~ god only knows I certainly didn't feel up to it ~ I was afraid that I would have to throw her off of me to run go put my head in the toilet ~ fortunately it didn't play out like that. That morning I just gave her a cup of milk in hopes she wouldn't notice the lack of Boppy time ~ she noticed and sat in the middle of the living room floor screaming until I couldn't stand it anymore and picked her up and caved to her demands ~ then she was happy as a pig in you know what. So I came to the realization that while she had let me cut out the other 3 feedings, she wasn't giving up the last one without a fight ~ I figured I would continue to humor her a little longer until she was ready. I have noticed this week that she has nursed for a shorter time everyday and is then thrilled to see her ice cold cup of milk emerge from the fridge ~ I believe she has come to the realization that she doesn't have to work so hard to get the milk that comes from the cup so it is the better way to go. This morning I didn't even give her the boob option ~ just a cup of milk ~ so far so good ~ we'll see if we have the same luck tomorrow or if she is going to fall off the wagon.

I find myself not rushing Maisie in any way, shape, or form ~ I want her to stay a baby forever! I think knowing now just how fast they grow up has really made an impression on me ~ I am not kidding when I say I am looking for the last 5 years ~ Hunter has grown up so fast on me I just can't believe it. I definitely want to have another baby ~ okay who am I kidding I have baby fever so bad it's not even funny ~but I also know what a long, rough road it was getting Maisie so having another one isn't a guaranteed thing. So just in case she proves to be my last, I want to savor every single day of her babyhood.


The Wrenns said...

I definitely identify with not rushing anything with our "babies"--Nick is spoiled absolutely rotten.

Mother of Mayhem said...

Well see there, you need to go for #4 and maybe get that little girl Bryan wants!